I am all for testing cheaper makeup brands, because if you know me, then you know i love a bargain! I have seen many reviews on Poundland makeup, some good and some very, very bad. Well i made the decision to test it out for myself and see what it had to offer. And wow oh wow, the results were something else. I will be treating this like any other review even though every item i picked up only cost £1!

The foundation

Of course i picked the foundation up straight away, they only had about 3 shades (i think!!) I picked up the lightest shade which was ivory, which i could tell was not going to be light enough. I applied the foundation using a real techniques complexion sponge. I applied the first layer which to be honest i wasn’t hating. It applied ok, slightly patchy in areas but it honestly wasn’t the worst. BUT THEN.. i applied the second layer and that;s when it all went wrong. Orange, patchy, blotchy… didn’t cover any blemishes. It was bad. Sorry Poundland, but it just didn’t work for me. 1/5

Pressed Powder

This was an interesting one. The pressed powder itself was actually quite a good product. It applied well and matted my face like it was supposed too. The only down side of this powder was the FALL OUT. Man oh man, the tiniest brush stroke caused so much fall out it was crazy. But that is normally expected from a cheaper brand. All in all, not too bad. 3/5


Again i really wasn’t impressed with this one. The powder doesn’t look too orange in the packaging but once applied to the face its extremely orange. Now i am very pale, so this could work better for others but sadly it just didn’t work for me. I found it very hard to blend, once it touches your skin it just clings to it and doesn’t budge! 2/5


This was ok, definitely not great. The pigment is very weak which sometimes is a good thing. But just like the bronzer it was extremely hard to blend and just clings to your skin. 2/5


This was branded as a lengthening mascara which to be fair, it does. Sadly that’s all it does! It doesn’t volumize, it doesn’t have much pigment and it definitely doesn’t give a false eyelash look. For a cheap mascara, it does what it claims to do to an extent. 3/5

Eyebrow Palette

Saving the best for last. I actually quite liked the eyebrow palette. There was a variety of shades and a highlighter. It applied nicely, for the price i would say this one is a win. 4/5


I get that everything i paid for was £1 each and i couldn’t expect much. For the price i am quite impressed that they have a makeup range. So i do praise Poundland for that but unfortunately they just didn’t work for me. However i would encourage anyone to give it a go and let me know their thoughts!




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