Spectrum Brushes Dupe!

Spectrum Brushes Dupe!

Spectrum Brushes Dupe

Now we all know that, you get what you pay for. However sometimes you can find a hidden gem for a fraction of the price. After looking at some very nice Spectrum brushes which i don’t have the money for just now, i took to amazon to find a cheaper alternative.

There are hundreds of cheap makeup brushes on amazon. You could look for ages comparing all the different sets. I picked up ones which i thought looked most like the Spectrum brushes. You can find them here.

The brushes i picked up cost £5.49 + free delivery over £20. They are made by the brand “Abody”. I chose the 9 pack which includes 4 face brushes and 5 eye brushes. There was a choice of 3 colours; Blue, Pink and Yellow. I chose the Blue set.


Spectrum Dupe. ( Photo by Amazon Seller Cacazone )

So did the brushes meet expectations & are they a Spectrum Brushes Dupe?


Spectrum Brushes Dupe

I received the brushes 2 days later on the standard delivery. They were packed in 2 plastic bags so definitely nothing exciting there. The first thing i noticed was the colour. Online they were a light baby blue but the brushes i received were a darker sky blue.

The brushes are quite soft which i wasn’t expecting. However sadly some of the bristles were bent and some were longer than others. The actual handles for the brushes have quite a cheap feeling and one of the handles were slightly bent.

Spectrum Brushes Dupe

I haven’t used all the brushes yet but the ones i have used i am quite impressed with. The face brushes apply foundation evenly and not streaky, which is quite rare to find in cheap brushes! The bristles are yet to fall out whilst applying product but i expect i will get some fall outs eventually.

Overall the quality for the price is great. Obviously their not the same standard as Spectrum Brushes. However for people who can’t afford the more expensive brushes, i would say these definitely are a Spectrum Brushes Dupe.

Spectrum Brushes Dupe / Blue

Have you tried these brushes? Or do you know any other dupes? Let me know!

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