Revolution Matte Eyeshadow Collection 2017 + Swatches!

Revolution Matte Eyeshadow Collection 2017 + Swatches!

Revolution Ultimate Matte Eyeshadow Collection

It’s been a hot minute since i last reviewed a makeup product. With moving house and concentrating on blogmas, i haven’t had the time to try out any new makeup. However the boxing day sales saved me and i managed to pick up one of the Revolution palettes.

The Revolution Ultimate Matte Eyeshadow Collection 2017 contains 144 shades. And believe it or not… i picked this palette up for only £3.50 from Superdrug. Of course in this day and age you get what you pay for so i wasn’t expecting all 144 shades to be amazing. But overall i am quite happy with the outcome of majority of the shades.

Whilst swatching the shadows i did notice that there was two different types of texture. Half the shadows were lovely and soft but the other half felt quite rough and grainy. Surprise, surprise the more grainy shadows were less pigmented.

I also want to point out that a few of the shadows do cause a bit of fall out so be careful if you are applying the shadow after your base products. For the swatches, i didn’t use any primer as i don’t own one. I would probably assume the shades would look a lot better with a primer so use one if you have one.

I mainly picked this palette up for it’s nude/bronze/brown shades. Which in my opinion are fab and carry the most pigment. The palette is quite versatile and i have already created a few different looks using the nude and copper shades and the end result was lovely. The shadows blend together very well and most of them are buildable.

If you are looking at this palette and are after the bright, vibrant colours i would suggest not buying this one. The almost neon colours in this palette in the nicest way possible are not great. They have zero pigment and have a very chalky texture.

But if you are after a cheap palette that will allow you to create bold smokey and bronze looks then i would definitely recommend.

The Swatches!

( apologies for the poor quality photos, the Scottish weather was not on my side and gave me poor lighting! ) 

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and i wish you all the best for 2017!


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