REVIEW | Revlon Colorstay Foundation – combination/oily

REVIEW | Revlon Colorstay Foundation – combination/oily

It has been a while since i last reviewed a foundation on my blog. I have been using the same foundations on and off for the past year, so i haven’t had anything new to review! I recently popped into a Boots Inverness, thinking they would sell high end foundations. Sadly it was a massive Boots that only sold drugstore products. So i browsed the stalls and realised i have tried just about every drugstore foundation there. In the end, i opted for the Revlon Colorstay foundation for combination/oily skin.

Revlon Colorstay packing!

Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Oily/Combination Skin

Price: £12.99

SPF: 15

Shade: 150 Buff

Rating: 4.3 stars (

Claims: Quote from website.

“Specially formulated for combination or oily skin, this oil-free formula helps control shine for a perfect velvet-matte finish.

A buildable formula that blends seamlessly onto skin for a perfectly even, yet truly natural complexion all day long.”

My Experience:

I have been using the Revlon colorstay foundation for around 4 weeks now. At first, i had a love/hate relationship with this foundation. Some days it looked great and other days it made my skin look a bit dull. After a week of trying it out, i slowly started to enjoy it more. I found if i applied it without primer it looked better. Instead of using a traditional primer, i used my body shop tea tee oil underneath which improved the overall finish of the foundation.


The Revlon colorstay will achieve a good medium coverage. I tend to apply 1 layer then top up the problem areas with a little bit more.


Normally when i think of a foundation targeted towards oily skin, they are normally always matte! However the Revlon colorstay provides you with a satin finish, which i love! It’s a happy in-between of dewy and matte.


The best way to apply this foundation (for me) is with a stippling brush & a damp beauty blender. I applied the first layer with a stippling brush and then went in with a second layer and blended it out with a beauty blender.

Does it last?

This foundation surprised me with how long it lasts on the skin. I work in an office and we all know what joy’s that does to your skin! With most foundations that are not targeted towards oily skin, i find melt of my face when i’m working. The Revlon colorstay manages to stay on all day without going patchy, which for me is a huge success! I would say by the time i get home (9 hours after application) it is ready to be washed off. Not quite the 24 hour staying power they advertise…

The new packaging has a pump!

Will i repurchase?

I think in the long term, i probably will repurchase this foundation. I am currently looking to buy a high end foundation, but i think the Revlon colorstay will always be a good back up foundation to have in my collection.

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