“This recipe creates 12 extremely tasty crunchie cupcakes. A chocolate sponge, honey icing & chocolaty hidden centre!”

Cupcakes are my favourite thing’s to bake. They are my favourite for two reasons. 1- they taste absolutely amazing and 2- they are so EASY to make. I wouldn’t class myself as a good baker. In fact i would probably class myself as a beginner. However, i still love doing it. I like to think i can create the most amazing home bakes ever. But at the end of the day, i make very basic but very tasty treats!

For the past couple of months, i have been OBSESSED with crunchies. Which is funny because i used to hate them. I got my inspiration for making these cakes after seeing crunchie spread (yes that does exist!) in Tesco. It actually took me two attempts to get the cakes to turn out ok. First attempt i tried to make a full sized cake and let’s just say.. IT WAS A DISASTER. You can watch this video to see how that turned out here.

I like to blame the first disaster on my oven. It’s a gas oven and let’s just say, it’s seen better days! So attempt number two, i took all my baking equipment over to my parents house and used their electric oven. HALLELUJAH, they turned out amazing!


Recipe: Bakes 12


Cake Ingredients:

Self raising flour: 145g
Light brown sugar: 180g
Unsalted Butter: 180g
Cocoa Powder: 40g

Honey icing ingredients:

Unsalted butter: 155g
Icing sugar: 380g
Clear Honey: 80g
A drop of vanilla essence



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