Potterless | The podcast you need to listen to!

Potterless | The podcast you need to listen to!

Potterless: Download here!

It’s no secret to many of you that i am a harry potter fanatic. From watching the films, listening to audio books and buying lot’s of harry potter merch. I truly am a potterhead! After watching the films too many times to count i wanted something new to listen to. I actually got the idea of podcasts from brogan (brogantatexo) when she mentioned listening to them in her vlogs. I jumped straight onto the idea and downloaded a podcast app straight away. Whilst scrolling through the trending section i spotted a podcast, a podcast which was all about harry potter.

The podcast in question is called POTTERLESS.

Potterless is hosted by mike schubert, a 24 year old man who is reading harry potter for the first time. I know right, how can you get to 24 and NEVER have read harry potter?! Although i will let him off as he has watched the first 4 films! Anyways, he basically goes through the chapters in sections, so maybe 3-5 chapters at a time. He goes through the chapters and discusses everything with his guest host of the week.

He uploads a new episode every two weeks and each episode is around 45 minutes long. Each week he has a different guest host, my favourite being amanda mclaughlin, shout out if you ever read this! Although i am a true harry potter fan, one of my favourite things about this podcast is the flaws and potholes that mike discovers throughout the books.

I love listening to other peoples opinions on harry potter and mikes opinions are worth listening too. Especially his views on quidditch, i wont spoil the fun for you, but his quidditch rants are my favourite.

It is a very laid back podcast, so be prepared for a few swear words, which in my opinion makes the whole thing funnier! The podcast in very entertaining. I tend to listen to it in the car on the way to work and it definitely puts me in a great mood. I even got my boyfriend to start listening to them and he loves them too!

If you like harry potter and are willing to hear some comedic opinions on the franchise. I couldn’t recommend potterless more. A massive shout out to mike for coming up with such a unique and entertaining podcast. I will be listening to the end. 10 points to GRYFFINDOR

oh and in case you read this mike, i got sorted into gryffindor.

Until the next one!

Ellie x

Download Potterless Here!

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