Welcome back guys to my little space on the internet. First thing’s first, let me apologise for the lack of content on my blog. I have been away for the past two weeks and i really struggled to balance my holiday,youtube and the rest of my social media! However i am now back on track and starting to get my life organised again.

Blogging, youtube and the rest of my daily life honestly takes up so much of my time. Sometimes i lose motivation knowing how much content i need and want to produce. My two week holiday has definitely helped and i’ve finally found the boost of energy i was desperately needing.

I won’t lie to you. I have been focusing A LOT more on my youtube recently. Starting something new such as youtube is always going to be exciting, so i am not surprised i lost a little bit of love for my blog.

Starting from next week i am hopefully going to get myself into some sort of routine. Routine always helps, especially when i am posting on multiple different social media websites. I recently picked myself up a planner from hobbycraft and i am obsessed with it. It was £12 and has a beautiful tropical print all over it. So let’s hope this helps!

Anyways, that’s all i have to say for just now. If you would like to check out my youtube or any of my other social media. i will leave all my links below.


Until the next one,




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