Should i get my dog spayed? #puppytalk

Should i get my dog spayed? #puppytalk

Should i get my dog spayed?

I wont lie to you, to begin with i questioned getting my dog spayed. The thought of Luna having puppies and getting the chance to be a mum is something i wanted to do. I really didn’t think much about it UNTIL she came into season. After looking into it and getting advice from others, i finally came to the decision that getting Luna spayed would be the best option.

Please remember that everything i write is my own opinion, i’m not here to tell you what to do but only here to share my thoughts and experience.

Why did i get her spayed?

After a lot of thinking, i did finally chose to get Luna spayed. I always played around with the idea of letting her have puppies. I just liked the idea of her being a mum and at the end of it, we could keep a puppy. We got Luna from a breeder who told us there is no making money in breeding dogs, so please don’t jump to conclusions and think that’s why i wanted to breed her. I know it’s an expensive thing to do. I honestly just wanted a puppy that was related to her.

Anyways, i decided against that idea. We wouldn’t have the time or the money to look after a litter of puppies. So i decided to take the sensible option.

Health reasons

Getting your dog spayed can prevent deadly infections to the uterus. This is not a risk i was willing to take and one of the main reasons i swayed to getting her done. Pyometra is an infection in the womb. Each time your dog has a season, she will have hormonal changes related to pregnancy. These changes that happen, make infections easier to happen as your dog gets older. Please click here to learn more in depth about pyometra. The only way to treat pyometra is do have an emergency spay to remove the uterus. However there is a lot more risk involved and a higher chance of complications.

What’s the best age to get my dog spayed?

The vet told us to get luna spayed 3 months after her first season. Luna was 9 months old when she had her first. Unlucky for us, she came into season in October which meant it was an extra cost for us to spend just after Christmas.But it had to be done.

I got spayed when i was 1 year old, i’m still a trouble maker! ( she chewed my lipstick!)

How much does it cost to get my dog spayed?

Cost can vary from different vet practices. For luna, we paidd in total £235. This included the surgery, after care and a buster collar. As we have a very hyper breed of dog, we opted for a dog onesie apposed to the buster collar. The onesie cost an extra £15 but i would HIGHLY recommend that compared the cone.

The day of the operation.

I will be honest here. On the day of the operation, i was VERY nervous. I remember parking outside the vets and telling Sean to turn around and go home! But we didnt. The veterinary nurse told us to feed Luna at 5pm on the day before the operation, then she was only allowed water. We arrived at the vets for around 8.30am and dropped her off. We had to sign some paperwork and then she was taken through the back. At 4pm we we’re allowed to pick her up. When we arrived she was still VERY sleepy but she was still keen to get out of the vets. The vet talked us through the meds, aftercare and booked us in for a check up.

All excited for being at the vets! The excitement soon disappeared!

After the operation

After we got her spayed, we we’re told that we would need to come back for 2 check up appointments. This is so the veterinary nurse can check the stitches and make sure all is ok. The vet told us to try not let her jump up as this will put her at risk of bursting her stitches. We were also told not to walk her for 2 weeks, which was a STRUGGLE. Although we we’re allowed to take her outside for 10 minutes each time she had to pee.

Getting her home

Once we got Luna home she was very sleepy, she slept for the rest of the day. If you have Springer, don’t believe the whole “dogs calm down after they have been spayed”. I can confirm THIS IS NOT TRUE. Well in our case, it’s not true. The day after she got spayed, Luna was back to her normal self.

The little monkey sneaked up onto the bed
The night after her operation, very sleepy!


We decided to put Luna in her crate when she had to sleep. Only to stop her from jumping up on the furniture. She doesn’t mind being in her crate and this really helped to stop her from bursting her stitches.

This is the crate we had at my parents house, the one at our own home is bigger.


The dog onesie.

The dog onesie is a brilliant idea. Exactly like a baby onesie but with a tail hole. They are very easy to put on and there is an opening at the back to un-do for when your dog needs the toilet. The onesie never bothered Luna, she actually enjoyed wearing it. Plus if you have a dog that casts, it catches all the fall out hair. Which is a BOOST!

The onesie has a tail hole for when they need the toilet.


Luna got dissolving stitches. So we didn’t have t worry about getting them removed. Always keep an eye on them though as they can burst very easily. Luckily for Luna, she never burst one, which was a surprise to us and the vet! The vet did explain its normal for the end stitches to raise a little bit as its healing.

The scar

Luna has a very a neat scar that is already fading. Her scar is longer than normal as she had a hernia. So when she got spayed, the vet removed her hernia at the same time.

3 months after her operation

Weight gain

It is natural for your dog to gain weight after getting spayed. Getting spayed affects you dogs metabolism which allows them to gain weight more easily. We did notice Luna gained weight over night but we changed up her food quantity and she is back to normal now. Luna weigh’s 17kg which the vet said is a perfect weight for her breed.

Monitor your dogs weight after being spayed

Overall i am very happy we decided to get my dog spayed. It’s the best decision for the long term. If you are in two minds about getting it done, just contact your vet and they can talk you through it.






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