Please, Don’t Call me Skinny.

I like to think everyone is confident about their own body but sometimes that’s just not the case..

Let’s take me for example. My whole life i have been classed as “the skinny one”. Some people reading this probably think that’s great, that’s a compliment. For me, it’s the worst thing i can be told. I have always struggled with my weight. I have always felt insecure. To me, this is not a compliment.

I am also classed as the “lucky one” for having a fast metabolism. For me, this basically means i can’t put on weight. I would love to put on weight. I would love to go out and not have my weight commented on. It doesn’t matter how much i eat, the weight just doesn’t go on. To me, this is not lucky.

I have been made to feel like i don’t fit in. Thanks to social media promoting “real woman have curves”. Where does that leave us “skinny girls” Are we not real woman? Even though i am 21 years old and an adult? The body confidence message that spread across the interest seems to have got confused somewhere down the line. It turned a positive message into a negative one, causing insecurities to so many people.

We seem to be living in a world where calling someone fat is frowned upon. But calling someone skinny is completely ok and classed as a compliment. Even though the person you just called skinny is feeling just as hurt as the person who was just called fat. Body shaming is a two way straight.

So please, just think before you comment on someones weight. Let’s all share the body confidence positivity and truly love the body we are in.

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