Do more of what makes you happy.

Do more of what makes you happy.

Do more of what makes you happy.

I would like to think that everyone reading this right now is happy. I know that probably won’t be the case but i like to think that way. Don’t get me wrong, i know life has it’s up’s and down’s but holding onto your own happiness is key.

Happiness is a weird thing. What does it actually feel like? What does it look like? Everyone will experience being happy in different ways.

I don’t believe we are all just here to get up, go to work, pay bills and then sleep. Yes of course i understand that’s how things are and i am guilty of this myself. But shouldn’t we all do more of what makes us happy? I certainly believe we should.

Of course i’m not saying quit your job. All i’m saying is to try make more time for yourself. Read, watch a film, go out, go dancing, explore – DO MORE OF WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. Even if it’s just one day a week or once a month. Take time out, enjoy and be happy.

Ok, i will give you 5 seconds, just think, what makes you happy? Got it? Good – Now chose a day, and go do the thing you just thought of.

I am writing this because i need to take my own advise. I am the worst for doing things that make me happy. I don’t like change, i get set in my ways. But i’m not doing it anymore. My favourite thing to do (apart from youtube and blogging of course!) is going out exploring and being with the people who mean the most. I love exploring new towns, shops, walks, anything. I started my explore scotland series a couple of months ago in the hope i would get out more. That came to a stop because life got in the way. Bills, house decorating, work.. but i am writing this post as a reminder to myself to DO MORE OF WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY.

I really do hope whoever is reading this, finds the inspiration and motivation they need to go out and be happy.

Until the next one,



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