Blogmas Day 9! 12 Months Of My Puppy

Blogmas Day 9! 12 Months Of My Puppy

Today is the 9th of December and believe it or not.. Luna turns 1 years old today. My little chubby puppy is now a fully grown English Springer Spaniel. I picked Luna up from a small town outside Edinburgh called Juniper Green. We took her home when she was 10 weeks old and since then, she completely changed our lives. ( In a good way! )

For Blogmas Day 9, i thought i would share 12 months of Luna through photos. It’s crazy to see how fast dogs grow. When we first took her home everyone said she was massive, but she has finally grown in to her paws!

Getting Luna was the best decision we have ever made. Even though she can be a little monkey and still pulls on the lead, i wouldn’t change her.


12 Months of Luna!

0-1 month old

Luna is the first puppy on the left. Surrounded by her original puppy family!


Luna is the one at the back.

1-2 months old

The day we met Luna for the first time, She was just over 4 weeks old.
Look at the size of her paws! She is roughly 8 weeks old.

2-3 months old

Luna at 11 weeks old.
Thinking we are royalty on her second walk. Luna at 12 weeks old.

3-4 months old 

One of my favourite photos. Luna at 14 weeks old.
Luna’s first trip to the beach! 15 weeks old


Still able to pick her up! Luna at 4 months old.


4-5 months old


Trying out her model poses! Luna at 17 weeks.
Luna on her firs ever trip to Shetland at 19 weeks.

5-6 months old

Finally fits into size medium coats! Luna at 22 weeks
Back to her favourite place at 6 months old

6-7 months old

Eating bubbles at 7 months old

8-9 months old

Luna on her second trip to shetland at 8 months old
First walk in her new town again at 8 months old

9-10 months old

At her new favourite place, the park! At 9 months old


Longest tongue in the world! At 10 months old

10-11 months old

Roaming free in the garden for the first time at 11 months old!

and finally… 12 months old Luna!

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