Blogmas Day 11 – The Christmas Tag

Blogmas Day 11 – The Christmas Tag

The Christmas Tag ♥

What is your favourite Christmas film?

I hate being asked this question, i love ALL Christmas films. I kid you not, i spend majority of my December watching every single Christmas film i can find.There is something very magical about watching xmas films throughout December and they definitely help me get in the festive spirit. However if i had to narrow it down i would have to choose Christmas With The Kranks. This film is so underrated but ever since i went to see it in the cinema, i was OBSESSED. Looking for a feel good Christmas comedy? This is the one to watch!

Read my top 10 xmas films to watch here!

Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

Sadly this year my Christmas tree is fake. I say sadly only because i experienced my first ever real tree last year and i LOVED it. Unfortunately we now a have a mischievous puppy who would probably hoover up all the tree needles so it had to be fake. We got our tree from Argos for £10.99. It’s not the best looking tree in the world, but it does the job for two twenty something year old’s on a budget!

What refreshments did you leave out for Santa when he visited you on Christmas Eve all those years ago?

If i remember correctly, me and my sister either left some sort of alcohol or milk. Then for food, it was normally just a good old mince meat pie! and of course a carrot for Rudolph..

What tops your Christmas tree?

Our Christmas decorations aren’t very exciting! We bought a set of red, gold and green decorations from Tesco. So the topper of our tree is the gold star that was in the set. When i was younger we would normally rotate between a star and an angel.

Favourite Christmas memory?

I spent the first 4 years of my life on a little island at the top of Scotland called Shetland. My favourite Christmas memory is the last Christmas i spent in Shetland when i was 3 years old. Christmas to me is spending time with all your family, you truly miss it when you move miles away.

Was there a present that you asked for but Santa never brought?

In the nicest way possible, i was very lucky when i was a kid. I didn’t ask for a mountain of things but most of the things i asked for i got. The only thing i never got that i really wanted was a baby brother… however i do have an older sister.

What makes Christmas special to you?

Like i said before, Christmas is all about spending time with family, watching Christmas films, playing games and eating food.

What is your favourite Christmas song?

My favourite Christmas song is Band Aid: Do They Know It’s Christmas!

And there we have it! Thank’s to Dee from for tagging me, i really enjoyed typing up this post!

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